CHESTER HILL FARM  Fairfield County's best Kept Secret for exceptional Horse training and Care.




Horse Boarding in Trumbull

Chester Hill Farm is a perfect place for your horse or pony! We provide 24 hour personalized care with daily feeding, mucking and daily turn out. Chester Hill Farm sits on 20 acres with beautiful grass paddocks and natural surroundings. We have 21 stalls with a tack room, bathroom and office. Stall's are 12'x10'  and 10x10 with rubber mats, buckets and hay racks. Daily muckings and turnout are provided by management however, boarders are welcome 24 hours a day so that they can take extra special care of their animals. Horses on the premises have 24 hour surveillance. They are fed to their specific schedules, are turned out for a minimum of 3 hours daily (weather permitting) and checked every night at 9:00 pm before bed time. 

** Monthly Board is $800.00 p/month: includes Stall, Mucking, Feed, Hay, Water and Turnout. (does not include medication administration, blanketting, laundry, vet, farrier or any other specific need for your horse)

 Horse Care Services

We offer many services for you horse, grooming, tacking, untacking, bathing, leg wrapping, mane pulling, trimming (muzzle, ears, lower legs, blanketting ....(Price sheet avail upon request.)

Lessons, Training Facility and Horseshows:

We provide lessons for beginner, intermediate and advanced riders! Our Trainers are committed to giving their students the best training. We offer private and group lessons. We also offer lessons in horsemanship that we strongly recommend. At Chester Hill good horsmanship and care for the horses is a priority. please email for lesson price sheets.

Facility: Our outdoor ring is 100 x 200 with top of the line footing. 

Chester Hill supports any decision a rider makes, whether they just choose to lesson or want to excel to competition, we can provide both services!

*Please note that there is a a strict 24 hour cancellation enforced on lessons you will be charged for "no shows" and last minute cancellations *   

(cancellations will not be taken over phone or via text, please email

* First time students will need to pre-pay for their lesson.                                                                                           


Chester Hill does a variety of local rated shows and schooling shows.  We feel it is an accomplishment to get in the show ring and compete.

Please note:

*Show class fees will vary from show to show.

*All riders need to wear the proper riding attire required even at schooling shows.

Rates apply for training, CHF horse use, trailor, braiding, administration and horse prep. We encourage kids that are showing to come the day before to get horses and tack all squeaky clean!

CHF will charge a cancellation fee horse shows.